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Unlock the potential of Activate's BRCGS-compliant lubricants, storage systems, and equipment through a fully supported, no-obligation trial.

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At Activate, our mission is clear: to deliver 100% audit compliance, minimise downtime, and boost reliability and profits with our cutting-edge lubrication solutions. Central to our commitment are our food-grade lubricants and dispensing systems, engineered to deliver immediate, tangible benefits to your production site:

  • 100% food grade and NSF-registered
  • The majority of our range is mineral-oil free
  • High performance synthetic lubricants that elevate reliability while streamlining inventory
  • Fully compliant storage and world-class visual management
  • 24/7 audit compliance and food safety best practice for regulatory controls
  • UK made lubricants, UK stocks for next day delivery

But you don't have to take our word for it! The most effective way to witness the difference is by trying them yourself, on your own production site, with our no-obligation 4-week trial.


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Embark on a 4-week journey, backed by the leaders in food-grade lubrication reliability.
If, by the end, you find Activate isn't your perfect fit, simply return what you haven't used,
and we'll part as friends.
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About Activate

Activate Lubricants is a highly specialised manufacturer of lubrication solutions for the food industry, with over 3 decades experience of working as the trusted partner to over 60% of the UK’s top 50 food groups.